Danielle Place

Insights Guru

Windham, NH

Danielle is a qualitative research and customer experience (CX) savant who joined the Smarty Pants team in 2018. Her Insights Guru title is well-deserved; she is not only a research methods pro, but she also has a keen eye for identifying game-changing consumer insights.​

Danielle’s director level role includes oversight of the design, execution and analysis of custom qualitative research. She masterfully elicits fresh, actionable consumer insights utilizing a creative mix of focus groups, interactive ethnographies, digital surveys and online communities. She then leads the strategic heavy-lifting of applying those insights to the unique business challenges of many of the firm’s retail and health industry clients.​


Prior to Smarty Pants, Danielle served as an analyst at Forrester. There, she layered her qualitative expertise onto quantitative data, adding new color and depth to create impactful data-based stories that clients could easily understand and act on. She studied CX best practices and consulted with clients on how to deliver best-in-class experiences to customers.​

Danielle began her research career as a senior consultant at C Space, where she spent six years leading robust online consumer community initiatives to solve clients’ pressing business needs.​


Danielle graduated cum laude from The University of New Hampshire with a BS in marketing and entrepreneurial studies.

In true Smarty Pants fashion, she has also completed a continuing education program in Statistics for Behavioral Sciences at Harvard University Extension School.​


Along with her two children and husband, Danielle resides in southern NH, where she happily has access to the ocean, mountains and city. A Boston area native, she’s now just 40 minutes north of the city.​

Fun Facts

  • Has seen every episode of Friends at least 30 times (but who’s counting?)​
  • Is a self-described “magic maker” who obsesses over planning fun activities with her little ones​
  • Has a passion for cooking and hosting big meals for family and friends​
  • Is a comedy nerd who devours podcasts and books studying all the comic greats ​
  • Loves to play—whether it’s card games or board games, games are her thing​