Fey Adebiyi

Insights Brainiac

Baltimore, MD

Fey is a gifted researcher who boasts impressive academic pedigree, deep business and analytics experience, and great consumer instincts. She’s a curious, passionate and humble collaborator who sparks a “wow” among everyone lucky enough to work with her.​

Fey joined Smarty Pants in late 2022. As an Insights Brainiac, she supports all phases of custom research – from study conceptualization and design, to research fielding and analysis, to creating final deliverables. She’s also an excellent, empathetic moderator. (Her EQ is as impressive as her IQ!)

Using qual and quant methods and secondary data, Fey counts among her superpowers the ability to read between the lines, extract meaningful insights, and build compelling narratives that strengthen the connection between brands and their consumers. Her impact spans Smarty Pants’ healthcare, toy and game, and retail clients.​


Fey has worked across a broad range of methodologies and analytical processes and has a proven record of effectively communicating findings to relevant stakeholders.

She began her career by flexing her accounting and financial muscle at Capital One, Aerotek Inc. and Geico – where she held roles as service coordinator, risk analyst and information systems analyst, respectively.

Fey was then recruited to join the Collage Group, a market research agency specializing in multicultural consumer insights. She applied her talents as a quantitative researcher while growing her newfound love of qual as a qualitative analyst. She left the agency as an ambidextrous researcher with rich experience working with Fortune 500 companies.​


Before earning her Masters in Analytics at American University’s Kogod School of Business, Fey obtained a B.S. in Accounting from Salisbury University’s Perdue School of Business.​ She also holds a graduate certification in Business Analytics from University of Maryland’s Global Campus.


Beyond her professional and academic pursuits, Fey loves podcasts, live music and fashion. You can catch her listening to all genres of music (especially Afrobeat, R&B and Hip-Hop) or podcasts like Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and The Daily. But she’s always open to recommendations, so feel free to send them her way!​

Fey adds strength to Smarty Pants’ growing mid-Atlantic talent roster. She is based in Baltimore.​

Fun Facts

  • Favorite comfort food is a doughnut. Prefers good ol’ fashion glazed over anything filled
  • Starts and ends almost everyday with a podcast or audiobook
  • Concerts and live music are her happy place
  • Was admitted to every college she applied to as a psych major. Studying the human experience has always been her passion
  • Can sleep in almost any condition – even bright lights, loud environments and airplanes are no match for her