Haley Kaiser

Insights Genius

Tampa, FL

Since bringing her talents to Smarty Pants in 2017, Haley has demonstrated her market research prowess and guided countless client partners on how best to develop winning products and marketing. She consistently leverages her 10+ years of qualitative and quantitative market research experience working across an array of categories – from entertainment, to food & beverage, to healthcare.​

Haley’s business acumen and leadership launched her into her current role as senior manager (aka Insights Genius). In this position, Haley leads quantitative concept testing, attitudes & usage projects and segmentation studies. She also serves as a leader of complex, multi-method initiatives where she flexes her qualitative expertise via digital communities, IDIs and ethnographies.​

Haley has built strong business relationships with many of Smarty Pants’ key clients, such as Warner Bros. Discovery, Medline and ACCO. With a personal mantra of “there is always a better way,” she takes fieldwork, analysis and client service to the next level, helping reinvent research processes and redefining what project success looks like. She is particularly passionate about ensuring everything she touches has a creative edge, whether by developing visually compelling reports or devising new methods that extract just the right outputs. ​

Internally, Haley applies her leadership skills to company trainings and junior talent development. She is incredibly future-focused, always keeping her eye on what’s to come for Smarty Pants and its clients. A rich understanding of the metaverse has become one of her core competency areas; she has played a key role in educating colleagues and clients on what it means for consumers and the businesses that serve them.​


Prior to Smarty Pants, Haley worked as a market research analyst at E Source, a utilities research and advisory firm. In this position, she was able to benefit millions of residential and business customers across the U.S. and Canada with actionable insights about electric and gas utilities. Her cutting-edge work improved both the customer experience and industry technology.​


Haley holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She also holds a certification in SPSS Data Management and has published several articles. ​


Haley and her husband currently live in Tampa with their adorable Wheaten Terrier and even more adorable baby!​

Fun Facts

  • Has gained some serious DIY skills that come with homeownership. She has transformed her backyard landscaping (by laying 1,000’s of bricks), built her own light fixture and worked on all the upgrades of her 1950’s home​
  • Is happiest outdoors. She loves exploring new parks, riding her bike, relaxing on the beach and boating​
  • Obsessed with plants and watching them grow. She has way too many indoor plants, and the Florida humidity keeps her outdoor garden looking like a tropical paradise​
  • Is a transit nerd who enjoys visiting new cities and taking advantage of walking, biking, busing and trains​
  • Very involved with local civics. She has a certificate with the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations and is active in city council, diversity & inclusion and voter registration initiatives in her community​