Jethro Israel

Insights Whiz

Palm Bay, FL

Smarty Pants was delighted Jethro decided to apply his talents to the business world when he joined the team as a Research Prodigy in 2021.  ​Jethro has a deep understanding of teens, young adults, and parents and how best to connect with them – strengths he derived through work at an educational nonprofit, as a high school teacher, and as an adjunct professor. He is also a gifted presenter who honed his public speaking savvy in the classroom and at educational conferences.

​Now an Insights Whiz, Jethro supports all phases of qualitative and quantitative research, with responsibilities ranging from managing research logistics to analyzing data to creating impactful client stories. He is a true insights-driven researcher with an ability to identify key insights while overlaying historical and cultural context.

Jethro applies his talents to a fascinating array of Smarty Pants clients, including Warner Bros. Discovery, Google, Medline, ACCO, BET, Macy’s and De Beers.​ Like his colleagues, Jethro’s client partners love his thinking, people-first approach, tremendous work ethic and character.


Jethro’s professional career began with a stint as Dean of Student Advisement and Residential Life for New Jersey SEEDS, an educational non-profit.

Eager to expand his impact, Jethro became a high school U.S. History teacher in Brevard County, Florida. Before making the transition to market research, he graduated to an adjunct professor position teaching U.S. History at Eastern Florida State College, where he guided 18 to 65-year-olds on how to use data, social science analytic techniques, research skills and argumentative strategies to sharpen their understanding of America’s past and present. ​


Jethro earned his bachelor’s degree at Lafayette College (in Easton, PA) and a Master of Arts in History at Boston University. Among other accolades, Jethro was the recipient of the Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences Award and two Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships. ​

As a BU graduate student, he traveled to Senegal to conduct primary and secondary research on culture and politics in 18th century Senegambia (a region in Western Africa). He spent two summers living with host families and learning Wolof, a lingua-franca of Senegal. His research thesis examined how hospitality (teranga), the hallmark of Senegalese culture, illustrates power dynamics. ​

Jethro’s desire for professional growth resulted in his nomation and subsequent winning of the 2022 Betsy J. Peterson Award presented by the Insights Association. The highly coveted award included enrollment in the Principles of Market Research course hosted by MRII and the University of Georgia.


A native of New Jersey, Jethro resides in sunny Palm Bay, Florida. He loves watching “period pieces,” especially across languages, and spending time with nature. His green thumb extends to germinating seeds, pruning trees and even creatively sourcing mulch – activities he views to symbolize his approach toward learning and development and the importance of nurturing relationships.

Fun Facts

  • His favorite childhood cartoon was CatDog​
  • His favorite movie quote is from Kingdom of Heaven where the leper king says, “Assemble the army”​
  • Dreams of owning a professional soccer team​
  • Haitian pikliz (a pickled vegetable relish) is his preferred condiment​
  • His favorite book in the Bible is Ecclesiastes​