Lautaro Cabrera, Ph.D.

Insights Know-It-All

Washington, D.C.

In 2022, Dr. Lautaro “LC” Cabrera joined Smarty Pants as an Insights Whiz with a vision of applying his youth and family research expertise to the business world. His curious nature, passion for tackling complex business challenges and impeccable skills as a multidisciplinary researcher quickly led to a promotion to Insights Brainiac. A year later he advanced once again to Insights Know-It-All.

As a Know-It-All, LC manages custom research projects from conception to final deliverables. He is passionate about using rigorous, innovative qualitative and quantitative methods and creating compelling stories to help clients enhance their understanding of brands and consumers. And it shows in everything he touches.​

LC’s client impact lives at the intersection of technology, education, entertainment, gaming and creativity—from talking to kids about toys to using AI to make business processes more efficient. While he specializes in qualitative methods like IDIs, focus groups and digital activity moderation, he has a technical and quantitative background that enables him to conduct mixed methods studies, visualize data in unique ways and leverage technology for creative methodologies.

Beyond project management, LC plays a leadership role in the evolution of Smarty Pants’ services and operations, serving as a key member of the company’s automation and AI committees.


LC has more than seven years of academic and market research experience. He joined Smarty Pants six months after completing his post-doctoral research, quickly transferring his academic training and primary research experience to corporate clients who have come to rely on him for critical insights into education, psychology, technology and entertainment.

Prior to and throughout college, LC was a freelance graphic and web designer. His focus was on effective communication, with a strong emphasis on style and brand identification, concept association and graphic attractiveness. His diverse media experience (with logos, websites and web graphics, print materials, etc.) guides his deliverables design and makes him a more well-rounded marketing consultant.


LC has lived in the U.S. since 2012, when he began his studies at Ohio Wesleyan University. As he prepared for a graphic design career, he became fascinated by his psychology courses. He changed his major and embarked upon a lifelong journey to understand how people think and feel.​

Upon graduating, LC enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Maryland, College Park. He obtained his Ph.D. in Technology and Learning, Policy and Leadership, honing his qualitative and quantitative research skills while investigating topics spanning parents’ perceptions of the impact of video games, children’s science learning through Minecraft, kids’ computing and programming mastery, and teachers’ classroom computing support needs. ​


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, LC and his wife live in the nation’s capital. When he’s not conducting research, he’s playing recreational soccer, learning to play drums, building LEGOs or outsmarting a worthy chess opponent.

Fun Facts

  • Playing Age of Empires II made him want to try archery as a kid. He ended up the Under-16 National Champion!​
  • Plays in an international amateur online chess league. Find him on lichess: lc91​
  • Learned from his wife how to ride a bike at age 26 – now he rides all around the DC metro area​
  • Still adding new hobbies – after getting his first drum set at age 32​