Sara Beth Pegg

Engagement Ace

Nashville, TN

Sara Beth is the resident Engagement Ace at Smarty Pants – a title that reflects her love of interacting with people and her magical ability to find the perfect participants to engage in virtually all forms of research. She is a whiz at creative recruiting, whether through a community center, a hospital, a Facebook campaign or an old-school intercept. Her expertise has enabled Smarty Pants to continue to lead the industry on identifying and connecting with niche consumers/audiences/patients/users.

Sara Beth also manages Smarty Pants relationships with external recruiters, as needed, and she plays an invaluable role training the next generation of Smarty Pants qual pros on recruitment techniques, participant empathy, and methods design and retention.

Leveraging her industry expertise and gift for connecting with others, Sara Beth also frequently handles the scheduling and participant experience of project fieldwork. ​


Sara Beth started at Smarty Pants in 2008 shortly after she graduated from college. (Our company president spoke at her marketing class, and she knew market research and Smarty Pants were her calling.)

We’re thrilled Sara Beth has never left. She has grown from intern to Prodigy to analyst to Engagment Ace at the senior analyst level, and our organization and its clients are infinitely better because of her contributions.


Sara Beth earned a B.A. in Mass Communications with a concentration in Advertising from East Tennessee State University.


Sara Beth – along with her husband, son and four daughters – currently reside in Music City USA, aka Nashville, TN. “Tennessee, Tennessee there ain’t no place I’d rather be.”​ (Bonus points if you can name the band.)

Fun Facts

  • Spends a lot of time on the couch in the evenings reading aloud to Silas, Daisye, June, Nora & Annie
  • Shares with her husband a love of hunting for treasures at estate sales as well as buying and selling antiques​
  • Loves camping with her family in the mountains of North Carolina​ any chance they can get
  • Is the happiest when she’s relaxing and soaking up the sun with her family on Old Hickory Lake​