Smarty Pants’ expertise in children’s media/entertainment and food/beverage grew as Sesame Workshop, Schwab Learning, Lucas Arts, Nat Geo Kids, and General Mills, Topps, ConAgra, Aramark, Pepperidge Farm, McDonald’s, Dawn Foods, and Arby’s became new clients.

Our org chart swelled to six full-timers and five freelancers, and we cranked out conference brochures like these to spread the Smarty Pants word. We were proud to share our insights alongside “the big guys” at industry events like Kid Power and The Market Research Event.

Billings topped $1.8M, and you would have thought it was $1.8B.

We celebrated our success with a company trip to Cancun that we playfully dubbed a Smarty Party. We walked Mayan pyramids and contemplated the empire we were building, swam in cenotes as we marveled at Earth’s wonders, and played pool volleyball for countless hours as if we were on a family vacation – and we were.