Dr. Michelle Poris joined Smarty Pants’ talent roster in 2010, as did Emily (Owens) Young. The remain quant powerhouses of the organization.

We were proud to call the eclectic mix of ACCO, PBS, Philips, Frito-Lay, Reebok, Fisher-Price and Ripley Entertainment new client friends.

Smarty Pants launched a landmark study of children’s brand affinity, associations and use, entitled Young Love (later rebranded Brand Love). It measured more than 350 brands among kids 6-12 and their parents and became a flagship syndicated product.

Our brand logo evolved to include a family (which we spent far too much time obsessing over), and our Know-It-All panel of U.S. families swelled to include thousands, as we sought to keep recruiting in-house where possible.

We doubled down on Smarty Parties – a strategic planning event in New York City and then a fun-filled summer training session in Tennessee.