It was the year Wii topped the list of Kids’ Top 50 Brands according to our annual Young Love study. “Wii” had a terrific year, too. ūüôā

Former Hasbro client partner Alisha Snow made the move to Smarty Pants and quickly took on a leadership role. Today, Alisha serves as an invaluable EVP who guides the strategic thinking, client impact and business operations of our organization.

New clients like Pepsico, Kellogg’s, DC Comics, Hilton Worldwide, Activision, and Coca-Cola began to rely on us for youth expertise. Zumba had us moving and grooving to build a kid fitness trend.

We schooled captive marketing audiences on the power of tween ethnographies at events like the Youth Mega Mash-up and were honored to present “Secretes to All-Family Success” at Kellogg’s Kid Fest.

The company introduced health care insurance to its 11 full-timers. Those same 11 people donated nearly $13,000 to charitable causes!