In 2016, we dove into new waters, literally and figuratively. We kicked off the year with a well-deserved trip to Turks & Caicos for our annual strategic planning.

It was a media-heavy year, with new clients NBCUniversal, BET, Amazon Studios, and ScreenVision. More than 50 (yes 50!) other client partners commissioned custom research to answer their most pressing business questions. Our small but mighty team led more than $5M in project work.

Children’s media specialist Dr. Kara Liebeskind and seasoned qualitative pro and moderator Anne Knight joined the Smarty Pants team. We ended the year with 16 research professionals happy to call Smarty Pants their professional “home.”

It was a year we continued to get our house in order – standardizing processes, leaning into formal training, and creating more concrete teams and reporting structures.