Smarty Pants posted 35% YOY revenue growth in 2017, blowing past its financial KPIs as custom qualitative research expanded and new methods were added to the service portfolio. Mattel, Honda, Facebook, Sony Pictures, Sargento and more than 20 other world-class marketers became new Smarty Pants partners.

Custom quant services expanded as we leveraged new programming, fielding and tabbing partners and added three quant pros to our internal team. Significant investments were made in syndicated products.

After vetting 350 candidates, seven new hires joined the team – including Haley Kaiser, Alex (Quillin) Brizendine, Jennifer Dixon, Mara Singer and Suzanne Snapp. Three business units were created, and employee benefits expanded alongside professional development opportunities.

New York City was host to our annual Smarty Pants. We were delighted to be joined by guest presenters t-shirt “baker” and entrepreneur Johnny Cupcakes and team purpose finder and bridge builder Tru Pettigrew.