Our talent roster swelled to 28 full-timers (ah, the memories) as we added three new hires in 2019. Analytics Ace Josie Johnson was among those talented researchers.

Once again, Smarty Pants exceeded its revenue and profit goals as we added 13 new clients and produced more research per client partner. Our flagship Brand Love syndicated product complemented the growth in custom research services.

It was a big year for company visibility. We launched the Smarty Pants Library, leveraged social media in big ways, increased our mainstream press exposure, and generated considerable buzz via published articles and conference presentations. Our company president was named Empowering Woman of the Year by the YWCA, and Head of Happiness Jennifer Dixon was recognized as a regional 40 Under 40.

We introduced our IDEA team to the organization – a focused Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Academy.

Our philanthropic efforts included sponsorship of an entrepreneurial “shark tank” for teens and helping to launch a charter school for underserved youth in Houston’s third ward.