It was the year COVID wreaked havoc on the world. Businesses shuttered and brands lost their footing. Smarty Pants needed to pivot, leverage our strengths and get creative about meeting clients’ needs at a time when budgets were frozen and decision making came to a screeching halt.

We did just that. We rallied in innovative ways, demonstrated flexibility, offered new services, tapped our work-from-home expertise, and crushed all of our KPIs, all the while adding 13 new clients, running 155 projects, reducing operating costs, and becoming a more efficient organization. In fact, we posted our 4th consecutive year of growth, neared $10M in annual billings mark, and had our most profitable year to date.

Most importantly, we retained our full headcount, added Molly Jackson, and donated more than $25,000 to those in need. We expanded our IDEA efforts – tackling transgender issues and racial inequality – and did more than ever to support mental health and wellbeing.

And did we mention it was our 15th anniversary?