An overdue hiring burst led to research pros Shirley Shi, Clarissa Rivera, Beth Klingele, Czarmyne Jo, Laura Hay, Liz Dibley, Sam Davis, LC Cabrera, Megan Bowling, Elizabeth Aparicio and Fey Adebiyi bringing their talents to Smarty Pants. Fourteen other team members were promoted to new positions, and Jethro Israel was named Young Researcher of the Year by the MRII.

We introduced our new Mission Statement, grew our IDEA (D&I) impact, expanded our Smarty Pants University program, and graciously took a “positive pass” on more than 40 new clients as we focused on meeting the needs of our existing client partners.

And we gave generously to 106 charities while adding a much-needed Smarty Pants Paid Family Leave Plan to our benefits portfolio!

Scottsdale, Arizona was home to our annual strategic planning Smarty Party. A Tennessee-based summer Smarty Party followed that included a belated grand opening of our operational headquarters. (Yes, the mayor was at the ribbon cutting. Gotta love a small town flex.)