Custom Research

We create custom research solutions for complex business challenges. From white space exploratories to brand positioning to portfolio expansion, our research guides brands across the full product and marketing lifecycle.

Opportunity Identification

Foundational research

Need-state exploratory

Front-end innovation

Brand positioning

Brand stretch research

Product & Service Optimization

Proof of concept

Concept optimization 

Taste & play testing

Prototype/UX evaluation

Consumer co-creation

Comm & Content Evaluation

Name & logo testing 

Messaging & ad testing 

Program & content eval

Packaging & design eval

Multimedia asset testing

Consumer & Brand Tracking

Product & brand tracking

Attitudes & usage testing

Category trend tracking

Consumer journeys

Segmentation studies


This is how we do it

We design research to uncover rich insights and drive smart business decisions. We go where the answers lie – whether riding a roller coaster with a kid or fielding a text-based survey with seniors.   

We excel at qual and quant methods and are known for our creative approaches to insights gathering. Engagements typically include multiple or mixed methods and/or creative twists on tried-and-true approaches.

Focus groups

Friendship groups

Video & phone interviews

In-depth interviews

Play dates

Me & My Shadow™

Family 48s™

Usability tests

Shopping Expeditions™

School chats



Longitudinal (digital) communities

Expert/stakeholder IDIs

Virtual home/room tours

Video journaling

Pop-up (digital) communities

Digital diaries

Social media listening

Mobile surveys

Online surveys


Cluster & factor analysis

TURF analysis

Conjoint analysis

Max-Diff analysis

Regression & driver analysis


Driver analysis

Pricing analysis

Perceptual maps

Other advanced analytics

Privacy & Compliance

Safeguarding our clients’ data and consumers’ privacy is of critical importance at Smarty Pants. As experts in children and family marketing, privacy and compliance are even more paramount.  

Smarty Pants adheres to all data collection, usage and storage guidelines as set forth by the Insights Association and our client partners, and our research practices are governed by and compliant with all GDPR protocols and CCPA guidelines.    

Client partners and research participants can trust Smarty Pants to protect their identity, ideas, data, findings and intellectual properties. Our commitment to research integrity is available below.