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July 1


“Racism 100% exists. It makes you want to cry. Being the mother of four black sons is no easy feat. It’s heart-wrenching.”

July 2


“It all makes me very, very angry. A white policemen accidentally killed a black man…that should have been the end of it at that point.”

July 3


“As tired as I am, this is an opportunity for me to read, to learn, to have difficult conversations…to make the world a better place.”

July 6


“All we want to do is live our lives normally. How is that a problem?…In order for all lives to matter, Black lives HAVE to matter.”

July 7


“I do understand there’s racism today within America, but I also think it’s not one-sided. But I would never be able to say that to anyone.”

July 8


“We have rights, we deserve to be respected and we can’t die for minor, stupid things. We want to be happy and to live…that’s literally what we’re fighting for, our lives. You can’t just kill us.”

July 9


“I’ve always grown up feeling inner conflict and push-pull of trying to assimilate…What makes America so great is that we are a melting pot.”

July 9


“I don’t agree with or condone looting, stealing, violence on innocent law enforcement people, shop owners and merchants. That’s not the way to demonstrate or show your anger.”

July 10


“I want to raise my kids aware of America’s history with Black people, but I don’t want them to be on the lookout all the time and so vigilant to see if there’s even a hint of racism hiding behind the corner.”

July 13


“The streets are talking. Black voices, brown voices, voices that have been suppressed. You’re able to really hear the families, the people who are affected by race… it’s very powerful.”

July 14


“I try to remember that I have privilege because I’m White and I’ve done nothing but be born to be that. I’m trying to learn through podcasts, reading and following smart people.”

July 15


“The backlash [to BLM] has filled me with serious fear and anxiety. [It] has let me see the problems people have with something as simple as not disrespecting people because of the color of their skin.”

July 15


“I believe in modern America you don’t see a lot of full-blooded racists walking around…What we’re calling systemic racism is just the echoes of past really, really racist laws.”

July 16


“Dr. King said the moral arc of the universe is long… I don’t believe in a revolution; I believe in an evolution. Revolution sounds attractive but it leads to problems. We need to evolve together and do better.”

July 17


“For far too long, this country has loved our rhythm but not our blues. It has been popular to love us when we are in season, when we are in fashion… when we can entertain them…but they minimize the things that are oppressing us.”

July 20


“I’m a big believer in divesting and boycotting…It’s what we as citizens and companies can do to make a difference and help make this world a better place.”

July 21


“I don’t identify with my color. I identify with Christ. Jesus couldn’t care less about the color of my skin, so why should I care?”

July 22


“We never said all lives didn’t matter, but all lives are not endangered right now. So, we need to help out the lives that are in danger.”

July 22


“I say that this is ridiculous. Aren’t adults supposed to be the mature ones? I’m 10 and I know better than that.”

July 23


“This has probably been one of the hardest times of my life because my brain just can’t comprehend that people don’t see me as equal.”

July 23


“My race has never been any kind of issue or problem, so I tend to generally just judge people on their actions instead of their race because I have no reason not to.”

July 24


“When I think about race relations and how it affects me personally, I’m both enraged and hopeful. I can see the light, but I also feel the fear.”

July 27


“A lot of people who were otherwise apathetic or uninvolved are speaking up and educating themselves…and I appreciate that.”

July 28


“There is a serious class divide in this country – some of it’s based on economics, a lot of it’s based on race, and a lot of it you can’t separate the two.”

July 29


“Half of these Blacks I don’t think really care about the [BLM] cause…to them it’s about new shoes, booze and a big TV, let’s go do this.”

July 30


“America is built on a system of white supremacy. Until we reckon with that and work to dismantle that it’s going to be difficult for there to be equality or social justice for Black people.”

July 30


“I’ve always been the token black friend…having to educate people who are so oblivious to what goes on for people of color in this country.”

July 31


“The revolution will not take place on Facebook. It’s important for us to roll up our sleeves and dig down and do the work.”

Wrap Up


“[As a Black man and a sheriff] my feeling about law enforcement in America is that there needs to be a top-to-bottom, a bottom-to-top change [so that everyone] can participate in the American dream.”

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