Thought Leadership

Smarty Pants continues to lead the insights industry with groundbreaking projects, inspiring speaking engagements and compelling content. From articles to webinars to immersive events, we are proud to be thought leaders and thought partners.  

Experiences & Events

Spend a day fully immersed in critical issues facing consumers and our industry. Our highly interactive events feature expert panels, data-rich presentations, break-out sessions and collective calls to action. 

Data show that boys aren’t doing their best. There are concerning drops in academic performance, extracurricular participation, college enrollment, mental well-being and more.  

Smarty Pants created an industry summit to discuss these issues and how best to tackle them. The live event included expert panels, discussion groups with boys, new data, strategic worksessions and more. 

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Speaking Engagements

From universities to insights conferences, Smarty Pants executives excel at captivating audiences and sharing smart content. From the importance of protecting children’s privacy to how best to create inclusive content to top trends impacting seniors, our multi-media presentations and talks inform and inspire.  


Smarty Pants recently delivered this important presentation at PRIVO’s inaugural Children’s Digital Privacy Summit. The goal:to better understand kids’ perspectives as companies embrace the nuances of privacy compliance and “getting privacy and safety right for kids.” 

The multi-media presentation contained valuable perspective for digital product and experience developers intent on effectively engaging with youth – as well as important context for execs working across brand development and marketing, privacy/legal, trust and safety and strategy. 
Available for re-presentation. 


We are living in an era of hyper-personalization and endless content choices. Our role as marketers is to connect with billions of unique individuals who are now defined as much by their love of vinyl records as their zip codes and more so by their passion for “slow living” than their age or work status. Niche is the new “gen pop.”
Presented at a recent industry conference, this immersive journey delves into the lives of real people and how best to connect with them. Through video, music, social media feeds, photography and other real-world artifacts, audiences get to know their target across lifestages and lifestyles in robust, meaningful ways.
Learn first-hand how critical it is to understand and speak the verbal and visual language of your brand enthusiasts and prospects.

The ABC's of GEN XYZ's

This generational tutorial has been presented many times to audiences ranging from workforce solutions providers to food manufacturers. It provides deep insight into the six living generations, what differentiates them and how best to connect with them. 

The presentation also debunks generational myths and helps attendees understand cohort, period and lifestage effects.   

Available as a presentation, stand-alone report and/or video.  

Illuminating Content

Via webinars, podcasts and articles, Smarty Pants produces free content that helps move business forward.   

Insights for all consortium

Quant Savant Michelle Poris, Ph.D. recently contributed her expertise as a workshop facilitator at the Insights Assocation’s annual Insights For All Consortium – a group of insights professionals working to esnure the insights community is representative and inclusive of people with disabilities and differences. 

Dr. Poris’s contributions continue to build awareness about accessibility challenges (and solutions) in market research.   


Smarty Pants EVP Alisha Snow was a recent featured guest on the Family First podcast. She shared insight into trends and universal truths about parent-child demographics, shopping behaviors and entertainment choices. She also shared advice for how marketers should approach custom research when targeting parents and kids. 

Podcast recording is available here. 


Preschoolers are overflowing with rich, actionable insights – if you know where and how to look for them.

Smarty Pants’ children’s media expert and former preschool teacher, Sabrina Roth, and child development scholar, Tess Davison, took listeners on a journey through the classroom and beyond. 

During this free 45-minute webinar, Tess and Sabrina schooled viewers in all things preschool – highlighting what’s going on in preschools and why, what it means for researchers, ways to design and execute research to match the developmental needs, skill levels, attention spans and communication styles of 3- to 5-year-olds, and more.

Re-presentation and recording available upon request.

Passions fuel new kid personas

This 2022 Kidscreen magazine article details the wave of demographic, tech and lifestyle trends that is redefining how kids express their interests and connect with brands. 

Author and Smarty Pants’ president Wynne Tyree gives readers insight into kids’ contemporary digital identities, pet-based personas, fandom-fueled selves and more.